” They did not help us in Normandy”– Trump’s reason why he is not in favour of helping Syrians against Turks


United States president Donald Trump’s reason why he withdrew U.S. troops from Syria which left the hapless country exposed from Turkish attacks is that Syrians allegedly did not help Allied forces during the Normandy landing in World War two. The pullout of US troops is being blamed for the attacks being conducted by Turkey right now in that North African nation.

Syrian communities are now being attacked by Turkish forces under the guise of “eliminating extremists forces” reportedly hiding in that formerly ISIS occupied territory. The US, however, justified their pullout after the fall of ISIS in towns and cities of Syria.

Many analysts, including Agustus King, American Senator from Maine, believes that the pullout gave the Turks the opportunity to invade the weakening Syria. Turkey, according to King, has informed Trump a year before of its intention to invade their neighbour, Syria.

King, however, believes that Trump is using the Syrian attacks as a pretext or as a diversion to public attention on growing calls for his impeachment. Speaker Pelosi has called on an impeachment inquiry over a whistleblower’s testimony on alleged calls by Trump to the Ukrainian president to help provide information on activities of a son-in-law of former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden has since denied committing any wrongdoing.

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