Exclusive: Magalong hopes one of the 13 Ninja Cops exposes the truth


Former Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) head and now Baguio Mayor Benjamin Magalong believes that one or at least two of the 13 Ninja cops now experiencing tremendous pressure before the Senate inquiry would feel responsible enough to tell the Filipino People the whole truth behind the Ninja cops scandal.

(You may watch the whole exclusive interview of CURRENTph.com with Mayor Magalong in Current Philippines Youtube channel)

From Left to right: General Valeroso, with his mistah, Baguio mayor Benjamin Magalong and friends inside his office in Baguio city hall

In an exclusive interview with Magalong in his office in Baguio, the maverick mayor says that some of the 13 Ninja cops had sent feelers and he hopes that at least one of them would volunteer to present what really happened in that fateful day of November 2013.

Magalong is slated to appear again before the Senate today.

Senate president Tito Sotto III meanwhile hinted that there may be an explosive witness who will corroborate what Magalong exposed in the Senate inquiry. Sotto, and even Committee chairman Richard Gordon kept their lips sealed.

Always a fine officer and a gentleman, Magalong hopes that this controversy will not entirely destroy the police organization. ” This may hit the organization badly but I believe that the PNP will rise above this all,” Magalong says during the Currentph.com exclusive interview.

Many of those in the Philippine National Police (PNP) knew Magalong stood up against injustices during the time that he was still a member of the force. During the tumultuous administration of Mrs. Gloria Arroyo, Magalong was one of many police officers who stood against her, and thereafter, suffered from the consequences of his actions. He was sent to the freezer so to speak, but he endured it all, consistent with his beliefs that it is right to always fight for what is right and shun what is wrong.

When PNP chief Oscar Albayalde tried to muddle the issue and accuse Magalong of just being jealous of him getting the top PNP post, and now even putting words to the mouth of the President himself, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, claiming that the President is now convinced that there is simply no evidence to pin him with complicity behind the very existence of the Ninja cops.

” He can do or claim what he wants to claim, but…..the circumstances bears him out.” Magalong says. Those who heard him say those words burst into applause and approvingly edged the General cum mayor to continue the fight for what is entirely right.


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