Investigators probe Star City fire


Fire began shortly after midnight and lasted for more than six hours which eventually saw the razing of the iconic city landmarks Star City and DZRH, the country’s oldest radio station

Arson investigators are still clueless as to the cause of a huge conflagration which struck the iconic Star City compound at the Cultural Center of the Philippines compound in Pasay City, after midnight of Wednesday, October 2.

Initial reports show that the fire struck at around 12:22 early morning when the amuzepark was still closed. Pasay City fire Marshall Paul Pili thinks that the fire started at the stockroom of stuffed toys and assorted prizes.

Four and a half hours later, the fire was declared out of control. About sixty percent of the Star City complex were reduced to ashes.

Thins included the iconic offices of DZRH, Manila Broadcasting Company’s oldest and the number one AM radio in Metro Manila as well as Yes! the best and easy rock. Several checks after show that the two radio stations just suffered minimal damages.

Some of the famous attractions of Star City destroyed by the fire included Snow World and Star Theater. The employees of the star city were worried that they might lose their job because of the incident. Star City will be closed through the Christmas Season and might reopen in October 2020, said Rudolph Jularbal, Star City’s spokesperson. He also added that they will consider giving financial support to the affected families. (with reports from Marian Sinamban)


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