Did Bello really stopped a supposed midnight deal in Hong Kong?


Reports indicate that Labor secretary Silvestre Bello allegedly prevented a supposed “midnight deal” between a supplier of an online database system and a former labor attache from happening in Hongkong.

Bello, in an interview (see this link: https://globalnation.inquirer.net/180303/bello-cancels-midnight-deal-in-hk

says that he initiated a probe on reported irregularities at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) for the procurement of database services. He has initiated a probe against former labor attache Jalilo Dela Torre.

The agency being complained and is a subject of inquiry is Employeasy Limited and Polaris Tools. However, reading the news, one finds that there is a lack of sufficient information on this so-called “midnight deal.”

What was the crime committed? What was the illicit deal all about? Who are the principals of this crime and who are the accessories?

Bello should submit the findings of his report to the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission or PACC under the Office of the President.

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