Mayor Rex Gatchalian realizes Smart City vision with no contact apprehension policy


Last September 4, Mayor Rexlon Gatchalian signed an agreement which will lead to the creation of a no contact apprehension management system in Valenzuela City.

Mayor Rexlon Gatchalian with the city’s vice mayor

The system which essentially uses highly sophisticated camera systems in identifying traffic violators is expected to get operational by either the third or fourth week of September 2019.

Mayor Rexlon Gatchalian explaining the system before the media and other stakeholders

” This is part of our vision to automate all our functions here at the city. By using this sophisticated technologies which are adopted by other more modern cities in Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia, we will be able to realise our vision of becoming the first ever Smart city in the Philippines,” says Gatchalian in his short speech at the Gerry’s Grill.

The system is fool-proof. Through a laser-guided camera, the system detects immediately violators of the city’s traffic ordinances, such as beating the red light, yellow box violations, illegal parking, illegal cutting trips made by public utility vehicles and others.

Information about the violation is then electronically sent to the city’s main traffic centre which processes the violation. A digitally enhanced traffic citation ticket alongside a clear digital evidence of the violation is then sent to the owner of the vehicle. Ownership is determined by the one who personally possesses the car registration issued by the Land Transportation Office or LTO.

LTO chief Atty. Ed Galvante praise the system as it allows the city to really implement traffic laws which is expected to improve discipline among motorists.

” Numerous studies had shown that this system actually develops discipline among motorists. When it was implemented by the Paranaque city government, it lessened the volume of traffic violators because motorists became acutely aware of the possibility of them forking money for fines,” Galvante adds.

Those penalised or was identified to have violated traffic regulations are not allowed to renew their respective registrations without settling their deficiencies with the city government.

From Left to Right: Manolo Ona, traffic expert, LTO chief Ed Galvante, Valenzuela mayor Rex Gatchalian and City’s Traffic chief Jose Valenzuela Jr.

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