Gina Lopez at 65


” An interview with Gina’s youngest brother, Ernie reveals how well loved Gina is to him as he recounts how his sister avoided treatments just to be consistent in her principles.”

Ricky Rivera

Gina Lopez is one of the most misunderstood people I have ever encountered with. Those who shares her environmental advocacy believes she is God’s sent. Those who oppose her says she’s a witch and someone who already lost her wits. While others who does not care less admires Gina for her honesty, and her integrity but comments negatively on her family’s business.

For me, Gina belongs to that rare breed who truly loves her fellow human being.

Her sweet, sweet heart goes out especially to those who got the brunt end of this inhumane system. Someone says she was born in the wrong family. Others say that she was her family’s conscience.

Whatever they say, Gina was one helluva woman. She has the guts to confront anybody who challenges her beliefs. She was a strong willed woman who knows and fights for what is right. For Gina, it is right to fight for one’s environment and that right is always seen as morally correct.

Ernie had some misgivings why he did not spend some extra hours with Gina. He even slightly criticised Gina’s refusal to get herself cured thru conventional Western medicine.

When Gina learned that she had lung cancer three years ago, she just shrugged it off.

She went ahead of her life and tried to cure herself using alternative medicine.

When those cures did not work, Gina body became so weak that it was too late anymore to cure her. Her cancer has spread even to her brain. When the pain became all too unbearable, Gina wheeled herself in the hospital.

And even at her last moments, Gina did not allow herself to be given sedatives. Yes, there were shots of steroids to ease the pain somewhat. Gina willingly accepted death on her own terms.


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