4,500 yr. old quarry ramp in Eastern Egyptian desert may help solve the Pyramid mystery


Egyptologists may finally unravel mysteries behind how the ancients managed to build the Great Pyramids

Archaeologists have recently discovered what seemed to be a ramp at the 4,500 year old ancient alabaster quarry in Eastern Egypt.

The ramp, which has been hidden for more than 4,500 years at Hatnub, north of the modern city of Luxor, tells Egyptologists how ancient Egyptians managed to move huge blocks of limestone from the quarry to the construction site.

Experts think that alabaster was used for flooring, and the system of using ramps probably dates back to the reign of King Khufu in the 4th dynasty.

The discovery of the ramps is an important milestone because it shows that heavy blocks of stone were lifted and moved from quarries, says Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

It remains a mystery though how Egyptians managed to lift these heavy stones up and place them in these ramps.

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