Majestic Taal Batangas seen from Talisay


Taal volcano is truly one of the world’s beautiful volcanoes. I happened to travel with my family last Saturday at Club Isabel, a resort located in Talisay in Batangas.

There at Club Isabel, you get to see Taal Volcano at its nakedness–a small sprout of a volcano within a crater of another extinct volcano that sits right smack in a middle of a lagoon created millions of years ago, by a bigger volcano. Yup, a volcano within a volcano.

Weeks ago, the Philippine volcanology and seismology agency raised the alert level to one or two. Fortunately for us, when we visited Taal, she was under her quietude state. We get to see her at her nakedness.

I wonder why men look at volcanoes. What lures people to her beauty? Honestly, Taal is just a huge pile of sand and soil. Its greyish color belies its violent history.

What sets Taal apart is that behind its destructive force shows semblance of life. Patches of life adorn its greyish dome and you can see it at the comforts of Club Isabel.

By the way, there are two routes going to Club Isabel in Talisay, Batangas. The first route is from Tagaytay. Just follow instructions going down Talisay. That’s faster, however tortuous because of the almost 45 decline down.

For a safer way, go to Star toll expressway and exit towards Tanauan town. There are instructions there on going to Talisay.

Club Isabel is something worth going into and spending some time. Their rooms have spacious verandahs. Everything works except of course, you need to walk several steps towards their swimming pools, one of the biggest is called Kumintang swimming pools.

If you want to dip into the Taal lake, there is a path going there. The waters of the lake seemed nice but on closer inspection, nah. Organic matter float near the bay. Dunno what.

My wife said the temperature of the water is nice, somewhat warm. What impressed me is those two big trees near the swimming pool. I was able to sleep there.

Overall, the place is nice. If you just want to rest and just, while the hours away, Club Isabel is for you and your family.

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