Dra. Helen Tan wins in early exit polls in Quezon province

Becoming the first woman governor of the 21st century in Quezon

According to local sources, Congresswoman Doktora Helen Tan is winning in various exit polls as Governor of the province of Quezon.

Based on exit polls, Dra. Tan got the widest of all poll margins— 86% against 13% of her nearest rival, Quezon governor Danilo Suarez, a longtime, old, and weak politician.

And many Quezonians are not surprised. Recent polls show Dra. Tan is the top preference of voters in Quezon province by a vast majority, 80%, against Suarez, who already publicly announced that he is already tired of politics and even wanted to just run for Congressman of his district.

However, without a strong beat, since his son, JJ Suarez, is not brave enough to replace him as governor, the old political warrior threw everything, even the kitchen sink, at Dra. Helen Tan. However, you can’t put a good doctor down.

If Tan wins, she will be the first woman governor of the province. And suppose Betty Nantes, the wife of former Quezon governor Raffy also wins the vice gubernatorial seat. In that case, Quezon province will be the first province in the history of the Philippines with women in the seats of power.


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