John Arcilla wins Best Actor award at Venice for role in crime thriller


For his performance performance in the crime thriller “On the Job: The Missing 8,” John Arcilla won the Best Actor at the 78th Venice Film Festival being held at Venice, Italy.

“If there’s one thing I regret tonight is, I will not be able to see my picture there, kissing my own Volpi Cup, just like the other 77 actors who received their most prestigious award,” Arcilla said in his acceptance speech posted over Instagram.

“I know for a fact that we came from different countries, different continents with different cultures, colors, creeds, or languages. But I can feel the oneness, this tremendous oneness and understanding. I know that we can understand each other despite our differences and it’s because of the arts – the arts of cinema,” he added.

“On the Job: The Missing 8” was directed by Erik Matti.

Meanwhile, Renowned Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz won as Best Actress Saturday on the closing night of the 78th Venice Film Festival on the Lido Peninsula.

Spain’s cinema queen grabbed the award for her starring role in “Parallel Mothers”, a film about two mothers who give birth on the same day.

The movie was written and directed by famed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar.

Audrey Diwan’s abortion drama “Happening” about a 1960s French college student won the Golden Lion award.

The runner-up for the Silver Lion prize went to Italian director Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Hand of God”.

Fortune also favored New Zealand’s shining icon Jane Campion, who won the Silver Lion, the Best Director trophy at the festival for “The Power of the Dog”.

Best Screenplay was given to Maggie Gyllenhaal for her directorial debut, “The Lost Daughter”.

The 79th Venice Film Festival started Aug. 31 and will be held until Sept. 10, 2022.

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