QC to end cash aid distribution on Aug. 31


The Quezon City government is calling on its eligible enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) beneficiaries, who have not claimed the national government financial aid, to do so until Tuesday.

The city government officially wrapped up its distribution on Aug. 28 but there are still 89,154 households that have yet to claim their ECQ ayuda (aid) on their schedules.

As of Aug. 28, a total of 2,339,420 individuals or 747,520 families have claimed between P1,000 and P4,000 from various distribution centers.

“Through the help of our city departments, villages, and law enforcers, we were able to distribute the cash aid to our indigent residents,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said in Filipino in a statement on Monday.

The national government downloaded PHP2.48 billion to QC intended for some 850,000 families.

City Social Services Development Department (SSDD) head Fe Macale earlier said they updated the list of qualified beneficiaries before the distribution and took out the ineligible and duplicates.

Each distribution site was manned by validators from the village, verifiers from SSDD, and paymasters from the City Treasurer’s Office while the police, Department of Public Order and Safety, and Task Force Disiplina ensured the orderly process.

Each distribution site also had a grievance and appeals committee to handle and address complaints.

SSDD data showed the grievance committees received 2,782 appeals or complaints.

In case of undistributed funds after the deadline, SSDD will process legitimate complainants.

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