COVID-19 updates:  139,538 cases;  2,312 deaths;  68,432 recoveries


Nearly 140,000 coronavirus infections have been recorded in the Philippines as the country’s health department reported 2,987 additional cases on Tuesday.

On Monday, the government reported a record-high of 6,958 new cases in a single day.

According   to the DOH COVID-19 Case Bulletin  #150,  the Department of Health (DOH) said, as of 4 pm of August 11, the cumulative total of COVID-19 cases in the country has reached 139,538, of which, 68,794 are active.

Active cases refer to patients who are still infected with COVID-19 and are staying either in the hospital or under home quarantine.

The total number of recoveries went up by 280 to 68,432.

With 19 new COVID-related fatalities, the death toll climbed as well to 2,312.

A total of 2,987  confirmed  cases are reported  based on the total tests done by 74 out of 99 current operational labs.

Of the 2,987 reported cases today, 1,374 (46%) occurred within the recent 14 days (July 29-August 11, 2020). The top regions with cases in the recent two weeks were from NCR (614 or 45%), Region 4A (275 or 20%) and Region 6 (156 or 11%).

Of the 19 deaths, 8 (42%) in August, 7 (37%) in July, 1 (5%) in June, and 3 (16%) in April. Deaths were from NCR (7 or 37%), Region 7 (6 or 32%), Region 4A (3 or 16%), Region 6 (1 or 5%), Region 1 (1 or 5%), and Repatriate (1 or 5%).

There were 87 duplicates that were removed from the total case count. Of these, four  recovered cases have been removed. Moreover, three cases that were previously reported to have recovered have been validated to have died and were included in the count of new deaths.

These numbers undergo constant cleaning and validation.

The Philippines has been logging at least 3,000 additional cases since July 30, following the easing of quarantine measures and the gradual opening up of the economy.

It is leading among Southeast Asian countries in the number of total and active infections, and has surpassed the total cases in mainland China where the outbreak originated.

Concerns from medical societies and health workers groups prompted the government to impose stricter quarantine measures in Metro Manila and nearby provinces for two weeks until Aug. 18.

The Department of Health said this “timeout” will be used to recalibrate the country’s COVID-19 response.

Earlier, researchers from the University of the Philippines and the University of Santo Tomas estimate that the country’s COVID-19 cases may reach 150,000 by the end of August./Stacy Ang

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