Will we see the dawning of a technological Victorian age in a Post COVID 19 world?


The way we do things, the way we perceive our reality and the way we treat or behave with other people may substantially change after this novel corona virus pandemic. It may probably be that things will worsen as we leave our safe refuges. Or, it may actually lead us to a cleaner, more rational and more livable world–post COVID-19.

The future will surely be altered and the way we live will be the first to change after this pandemic simmers in the next few months. We would probably go back to a technological or modern version of the Victorian age, however, shaped by different values. These values might have some influence from the East and more of the modern West.

We might see more people wearing clothes made of anti-viral fabrics and a cleaner look might now replace the “grunge” look or “street” fashion. People would probably buy longer dresses which cover even the arms. There would probably be a trend for disposable clothes.

When five years ago, people are not concerned if their hands are clean or perfumed, post COVID-19 pandemic would probably be brought back to that era when men kiss perfumed hands of women and everyone wore coats and gloves. Surely, we will see more people powdering not just their faces but their hands and limbs with consumption-grade virucides.

Would we see cafes where tables are six feet away from each other or people talking and conversing while their mouths are covered by face masks? How about social dances? Will we now dance more of Zumba than rumba?

What is most certain is that isolationism will still exists, with people relying more on their computers and their smart phones to do their tasks. These lockdowns will have substantial effects on people. Some people would adapt to it, while a small proportion will resist it. In a post-COVID 19 era would see how society would behave the minute people go out of their enclaves. Would they resist the urge to socialize? Not exactly. Humans are social beings. That is our nature.

Will our socialization acts be more subdued? Not if we correct the ongoing picture some people are painting about our present world? More information about the novel corona virus is necessary which is expected to dictate what shape, size or form socialization is to become.

Will this slowly emerging globally-shared fear of one’s mortality turn into mass hysteria which see people avoid other people for fear of catching corona? How will it affect, say, interoffice relations?

Will we be more disciplined and more discerning with the way we treat and behave before other people? For sure, there will be increased discrimination especially about looks. People who look dyslectic might suffer from social bullying. People who look pale and sicky would probably get some drubbing from other people. Whereas the vampire look might have appealed to the young, such a look might surely attract more than a glimpse in a post-COVID 19 world.

What is most certain is that people will now put greater emphasis on eating and living in the most salubrious way. Of course, many will still drink and smoke, but in public? We will see less of these, hopefully.

And of course, people will emerge from their hiding places more intelligent and more discerning than how they were a month or so ago. For people with resources, they might even find these lockdowns and quarantines as opportunities to widen their knowledge and improve their competitive personal advantages with others. For those who don’t, expect hatred and repressed emotional states.

Whatever direction or path we so choose, one thing is certain–change is definitely upon us, a change that will define our future. We are at the cusp of a global transformation or a generation altering state when we will be defined by the choices we make. We either choose to do things in isolation or we thrive on the virtues of interdependence.

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