BREAKING NEWS! Chaos at COVID-19 checkpoints in Metro Manila


The sheer number of individuals now massing up in several checkpoints throughout Metro Manila had severely STRESSED TO THE POINT OF EXHAUSTION emergency responders who are following President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s order for a community quarantine which started yesterday but encountered severe problems today.

Photos taken from sites of these checkpoints reveal social distancing–which is the policy being implemented by the Duterte administration–has monumentally failed to be observed as hundreds and hundreds of commuters massed up infront of these checkpoints. Huge masses of people are all closely packed in possibly in only two to three square meters, making them a humiliating spectacle, a clear sign of chaotic and mismanagement of the health crisis.

Worse, kilometer long car queues have stressed road networks as private vehicles, taxis, tricycles, buses, trucks lined up to be checked by soldiers and cops, most of whom do not wear facemarks or do not have protective suits.

Mass exodus at Payatas Quezon City. Notice soldier responders not wearing any protective suits.
Huge masses of workers waiting for their time to be inspected at the Southern part of Metro Manila. Notice no social distancing being practiced due to sheer volume of people
Obedient citizenry following a stupid and idiotic idea being promoted by no less than President Duterte
Commuters and motorists all experiencing the effects of a dumb decision made by a Fentanyl induced governance

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