Senator Sotto commits Senate independence as legacy



0786FA83-C4BD-45FC-9A3E-BC13546CD558Senate  President Vicente Sotto III has vowed to always protect the independence of the Senate even at the risk of losing political alliances and support.

A day after leading his colleagues in challenging the unilateral abrogation of the RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), Sotto reiterated his commitment to always put a premium on public welfare and the interests of the Senate over his personal concerns.

The Senate on Monday formally asked the Supreme Court to draw the constitutional boundaries on the roles of the Senate and the executive branch in the cancellation of international agreements and treaties, taking off from the recent termination of the VFA which Malacañang did without getting the approval of the Senate.

Sotto said the legal move was meant to “assert the sense of the power of the Senate that we know and we think that we have.”

He insisted that senators must be consulted on vital matters like the termination of international agreements and treaties just as it’s concurrence is required before the same are ratified.

“This role is particularly important to ensure that the power to forge partnerships with our neighbors and allies remains impartial. The Senate must do its part in protecting the checks and balances in our government,” Sotto said.

The Senate President set aside concerns that he could lose his alliance with Malacañang because of the Senate action.

“Personal interests should never outweigh public welfare. I will always choose to fight for the independence of the Senate. That is the legacy that I would like to leave this institution when my term comes to an end,” Sotto said. /Stacy Ang

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