Regime is populated with gangsters, why BuCor’s Santos was killed—Senator Leila De Lima  



The killing of BuCor’s Legal Division Chief Fredric Anthony Santos in front of his daughter’s school in broad daylight tells us three things, Senator Leila De Lima said.  

“First, this regime is populated by gangsters who have watched too much mafia movies and copycat the most inhumane and grotesque assassination techniques depicted in such movies. Pumping bullets into a father in front of his daughter’s school just before she is about to get in the same car takes the cake,” she said.

De Lima said, second, among the beneficiaries of this killing are the BuCor Chiefs involved in the GCTA scam. “Who are they? Well, who are the topnotchers in the most number of prisoners released during their terms as BuCor Chief? It does not take a genius to figure them out. I need not name them,” she said.  

Third, De Lima said, nothing is sacred to the gangsters who are now in high posts of government.

“Not human life, not decency, not even the appearance of civility and moral uprightness. These people revel in their gangsterism and mafia culture. As they have so propagated in Davao City, so they have now spread this culture throughout the entire nation for us to accept and live with,” De Lima said.

“There will be a reckoning. Not today. But all those responsible for lives snuffed out without justice but with impunity will meet their own end. The gangsters now lording it over us should watch the mafia movies to their endings, so they will learn how gangsters like themselves eventually end up, either behind prison or in a pool of their own blood,” said De Lima.

Santos, whistleblower who wanted to testify in the Senate on the alleged “freedom for sale” scheme at the New Bilibid Prison,  was shot dead Wednesday near his agency’s headquarters in Muntinlupa City.

Police said two gunmen shot Santos dead at around 2 p.m. on board his Toyota Hilux pick-up in front of Southernside Montessori school in Barangay Poblacion./Stacy Ang 

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