Labor group hits back at Speaker Cayetano on ABS-CBN


Labor group Defend Jobs Philippines lambasted  on Friday  House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano for his statements slamming the Senate for conducting  hearing on bills seeking for the renewal of the legislative franchise of media giant ABS-CBN.  

“Cayetano, hit  senators for having time to tackle ABS-CBN franchise renewal while sitting on other issues like Charter Change (Cha-Cha). He also said that the House may tackle the bill by May or August this year,” said Defend Jobs Philippines.

Defend Jobs Philippines slammed  the House Speaker and asked Cayetano “why is he so much eager and hell-bent in selling the country’s patrimony to foreigners upon railroading House bills on full foreign ownership of public service sector of the country and Cha-Cha.”  

“Speaker Cayetano seems to be much interested in passing legislations that would put our national patrimony, sovereignty and people in danger instead of enacting laws that will protect and promote the best interests of Filipino workers,” said Thadeus Ifurung, Defend Jobs Philippines spokesperson.

Ifurung added, “Instead of prioritizing bills like the security of tenure bill, national minimum wage, granting legislative franchise for ABS-CBN for the benefit of its 11,000 workers, Cayetano is acting like a pimp of our national sovereignty and patrimony.”

“Now who’s violating the Constitution? The Philippine Senate which is set to conduct hearings about the ABS-CBN franchise renewal bill or Speaker Cayetano who is more than willing to open our country to foreign ownership and Cha-Cha?” Ifurung pointed out.

Defend Jobs Philippines also urged Cayetano to just follow the marching order of his master, President Rodrigo  Duterte, who earlier said that the Lower House do their jobs in relation to the ABS-CBN franchise renewal./Stacy Ang 

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