Mayor Isko Moreno reveals housing for Manila Health Dept. employees



Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso has revealed that the city government will soon provide free temporary housing  for the employees of the Manila Health Department (MHD) in order to improve their performance in hospitals and health centers.

“The city government will start in a few weeks the vertical housing program. We want to uplift the standards of our employees,” said Domagoso, in his speech, during Monday’s  Consultative Meeting with the Medical Health Sector in Manila, at Bayleaf Hotel, Intramuros. 

“We opted to choose at least some areas just to begin with so that our health workers in the  health sector, from administrative workers to doctors, where they could have a place they could call their own,” said the Manila Mayor.

“That is our dream for you. We want your suggestions, your challenges, in your own offices,” he said.

Domagoso’s revelation was made to uplift the standards of the MHD employees so that they could perform much better.

“What we want to do is to be more efficient in the delivery of service. The three minimum basic needs are healthcare, education and housing,” he also said.

“We will build a housing for the health center, that is for the Manila Health Department employees. This is a two-bedroom design as long as you remain in the service,” said Domagoso.

But the day the employee retires,  he has to vacate the housing and pass this on to others still in the service, Domagoso  said.

On the other hand, Domagoso reiterated the plan of  the MHD to  build “Super Health Centers”, where the housing residences of the MHD employees will also be situated.

Other  Super Health Centers, however,  will be created without vertical housing.

Domagoso said he wants to declog the hospitals, so the plan is to make the Super Health Centers pass  the Philhealth requirement, complete with advanced equipment and laboratories for diagnostics.

“I want the people of Manila to trust again our health centers. I am a product of a health center.  And I was immunized in a health center,” said Domagoso.

For his part, Acting City Health Officer Dr. Arnold Pangan, RSW, said, “We are planning to create ‘Super Health Centers’.   Aside from the usual consultation, we will place laboratories, we will place animal bite clinic, and if possible, we will place a one-stop-shop for city hall transactions in order to decongest the city hall.”

“We chose four which are big  health centers—Pedro Gil, Fabella, Aurora Health Center in District I, and the Public Health Laboratory. Our plan is to place the health center on the ground floor, and probably on the second and third floors the parking, and lastly on the fourth will be the vertical housing for our city hall employees,” he said.

For those that will not meet  the requirements of Philhealth, Pangan said they  will become specialty clinics  or wellness centers.

Some of these specialty clinics are diabetes clinic for one health center, a halfway home for cancer patients, for COPD patients, autism or cerebral palsy clinics, women’s wellness center, adolescent counseling clinic, or treatment hub for HIV patients.

These  are the possible wellness  clinics  the MHD  could come up with, Pangan said.

“Now, because of the Universal Healthcare Law, we will be in full implementation in two to three years. This was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte in July 2019. All citizens of legal age will be a member of Philhealth. Instead of people going to health centers, they go to hospitals or other primary healthcare providers because  they have diagnostics and laboratories,” said  Pangan.

But with the creation of these Super Health Centers and specialty clinics, the people will come to these healthcare facilities to decongest the hospitals.

Once these are done, patients who are diagnosed, Pangan urged the  doctors to refer them to these specialty clinics. “We plan to put up these specialty centers per district. This will also help to  decongest the hospitals in Manila,” Pangan said.

During the meeting, Pangan also showed designs of these Super Health Centers and specialty clinics.

The MHD Chief  said in Manila, at present there are  six lying-in clinics.  Before there were  12. Since the six are non-performing, with the approval of the Mayor,  these were  closed. At present,  there are 57 health centers. /Stacy Ang


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