Duterte urges  Chinese-Filipino businessmen to put more investments in the Philippines



President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivers a speech during the 11th Biennial National Convention and 22nd founding anniversary of the Chinese Filipino Business Club, Inc. at The Manila Hotel on February 10, 2020. /PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO

President Rodrigo Duterte has encouraged last Monday Chinese-Filipino businessmen to put more  investments in the country.

This, the President stressed, as he vowed to uphold a level playing field when the government fosters a nurturing and global competitive business environment.

“Guided by the values of integrity and excellence, let us forge a brighter and better future for all and leave a legacy of fruitful cooperation and for the next generation,” Duterte said during the 11th Biennial National Convention and 22nd Founding Anniversary Celebration of the Chinese-Filipino Business Club, Inc. at The Manila Hotel.

Duterte likewise expressed  appreciation on  the contributions of Chinese Filipino businessmen with their initiatives to help boost government efforts and strengthen local sectors.

The government, in turn, remains committed in its pursuit of peace and the ongoing war on drugs, crimes and corruption, Duterte said.

He said his administration remains committed to fostering lasting economic growth and sustainable development.

The President likewise rallied renewed support to fight corruption in government and reiterated his call to businesses to be assertive.

“Just be assertive. That’s all. All that I ask of you is be assertive and do not surrender to the fear of stretch and the intimidations that you will encounter while they are examining your books,” he said in encouraging Chinese-Filipino businessmen to fight abuses in the bureaucracy.

“Ang gusto ko lang bigyan ng konting tapang ninyo. Basta na lang takutin kayo maski ano. And even if it just a little of difference but it means a lot to you not to be corrupt, not to be threatened, that would go a long way to help the Philippines,” said Duterte.

The President assured the businessmen of his full support in weeding out government of abusive officials.

Composed of more than 400 members nationwide, the Chinese-Filipino Business Club, Inc., is one of the most prominent non-profit organizations in the Chinese-Filipino community.

Members come from various sectors such as finance, banking, manufacturing, real estate development, travel and tourism, construction and agriculture.

Aside from its economic contributions, the organization is active in its corporate social responsibility and has pledged to build a new evacuation center for displaced families during times of calamities./Stacy Ang

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