No antibiotics for coronavirus — DOH Usec. Domingo


An enlarged cell of the corona virus.

 MANILA, Philippines — Amidst the “virus scare” hounding nations due to  the emergence of the 2019 new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that had killed 17 people and made  more than 500 others sick, Department of Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo admittted there is no antibiotics  for coronavirus or even an antiviral drug for regular flu or for adenoviral influenza, said  DOH Usec. Eric Domingo.

The  existing medicines do not work for  coronavirus, Domingo also said.

“No medicine for coronavirus except for the so-called  supportive treatment, the medicines for fever and hydration. We make sure the patient is nourished and naturally, you can clear the virus from your system,” Domingo  said.

But still, there is no identified reagent and antibiotics for coronavirus.

Since there is no medicine to address the novel virus, Domingo underscored the need for the public to boost one’s immune system.

He said one should avoid microbes entering his body. He said this can be done if one would strengthen his immune system  aside from maintaining proper hygiene tough  handwashing- using soap and water.

“We have been frequently touching and scratching so  avoid going to areas where there are many people wearing masks especially during this flu season. This will prevent one from getting infected,” asserted Domingo. 

Domingo also said   that the Philippines  has no capability to detect 2019 n-CoV since it is a novel strain of coronavirus, which was just identified. (STACY  ANG/IAMIGO/

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