India’s ‘Rapunzel’ retains crown as Guinness World Record holder for longest hair


INDIA — Nilanshi Patel, who hailed from Gujarat India, retained her crown in the Guinness World Records as the teen with the world’s longest hair.

The 17-year old teenager had earlier set the record for the same in 2018, with 170.5 centimeters long hair.

Nilanshi was recently remeasured her lengthy locks now reach 190 cm (6 ft 2.8 in). She says her long hair was the result of a bad haircut she received when she was just six-year-old. Since then, she has never cut her hair.

When asked about the maintenance of her hair, Nilanshi said she only washes her hair once a week as it takes up to half an hour to dry and an additional hour to comb.

She revealed that her friends and family are proud of her so much so that they call her their ‘real-life Rapunzel.’

One of Nilanshi Patel’s dream is to win many more world records, including the one for longest hair on an adult, in the future. (Lloyd Tagbago/IAMIGO/

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