Astral projection, time travel or ‘malik-mata’


Here is another interesting tale from the unknown courtesy of former sports-writing colleague and now Pagcor media bureau chief Jesse Ong.

Whether the following short but puzzling story is a case of astral projection or not, an inexplicable case of time travel, or just “malik-mata” in Tagalog, CurrentPH leaves it all up to dear readers to decipher and decide.

Here it goes…

MANILA, Philippines — My adventures into the unknown were not limited to ghostly experiences when I was younger.

There was at least one instance when I recorded an inexplicable occurrence which I associated not with playful spirits but with, would you believe, time travel?

One late evening during the late 80s, while my mom and I were on our way to her friend’s house along Banawe Street in Quezon City, we dropped by a store to buy something.

The store was right beside a drug store, which was already closed and dark when we passed by.

It took us only three minutes to complete our purchase and as we turned, we were surprised to see the drug store (suddenly lighted) bright as day and teeming with customers!

How could it have (possibly) opened so quickly and attracted many people in such a short time?

Were we transported back in time during our brief stay at that store? Or our eyes just played a trick on us?

That strange episode still puzzles me to this day. (JO/IAMIGO/CNS)

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