Batanes with Dr. James Dy


Unknown to many, Dr. James Dy is a familiar face for the Batans of Basco Batanes group of islands. Since his assumption as President of Chinese General Hospital, Dr. Dy has frequented Batanes especially during its summer months of June and July, to give donations of food, clothing and construction materials.

Dr. James Dy is truly one helluva philanthropist. At neatly ninety years of age, Dr. Dy never seems to tire helping fellow Filipinos all throughout the country.

Parish priest Manabat awards knighthood to Dr. James Dy in Basco Batanes

In one of his visits in Batanes, Dy lived in the famous Pacita Abad house which fronts the majestic Taiwan strait and West Philippine sea. Dy told this writer that he enjoys his trips to Batanes because he enjoys the fine clean air and he can eat delicious and healthy foods, especially seafood.

Dy heads the Filipino-Chinese Charity Association, the oldest charity association in the Filipino-Chinese community and possibly, the country. He began his career as a record industry taipan, before heading one of the most respected and highly beloved hospitals in the Philippines, Chinese General Hospital.


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