Faeldon gets boot from Duterte


Is that it? After causing too much trouble for the entire country, Bucor chief Nicanor Faeldon will just leave the bureaucracy with nary a slap in the face?

Ricky Rivera

Controversial Bureau of Corrections Chief Nicanor Faeldon just got the boot from President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. That decision to fire Faeldon came a day after Senator Bong Go shared with the public the President’s desire to know who were behind this terrible scandal.

While the President did the right thing, there is something very strange about two things here: first, Faeldon was fired only when this issue was discovered by civil society and second, when the issue has taken a virtual life of its own.

Obviously, the firing happened as a virtual afterthought–when the issue has begun taking shape as a serious political scandal and when it has now involve mostly the president’s political allies.

Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson has raised the possible culpability of former Bucor chief and now Senator Bato Dela Rosa. As Bucor chief, Dela Rosa signed as much as 180 release orders, mostly of drug lords and other criminals.

Dela Rosa should be given his time in the Senate, to explain his previous actions. The thing is– it is entirely difficult for him to explain his approvals of such release orders.

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo’s name has also been dragged. Panelo is the former lawyer defendant of Mayor Sanchez and the family of the disgraced Calauan mayor had reportedly sought Panelo’s help by visiting the palace. Panelo did not deny issuing a letter for and on behalf of Sanchez but he clarified that no endorsement happened.

The issue is unraveling in bits and pieces every, single day. What people are exasperated about is the realisation that the justice system in this country is being hurt, and hurt seriously. Is the system at fault or the system is being affected by the very actions of people being appointed by the President?

Justice is one pillar of a democratic society. If the perception of people on justice becomes murky, there is simply no more chance for anybody to have a very clear appreciation of democracy in this country.

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