Grethen Diez just killed the SOGIE bill


” Taking it to the extreme just killed the SOGIE bill.”

Ricky Rivera

I perfectly understand what these transgender advocates want. And if someone thinks that the Gretchen Diez incident is the best way to fight and pursue the SOGIE Bill to the very end, this person is taking it to its very extreme and even killing it.

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity bill is a finely crafted legislation that is now endangered because of this Gretchen Diez incident. I read the bill and there are many provisions there that are not entirely of an extreme nature yet good to discuss in public. See a copy of the SOGI bill here below

ONE OF THE FINE THINGS in this bill is the bill about discrimination in the workplace and discrimination in hiring members of the LGBT community. I remember one incident in my professional career when I came face to face with a transgender, whom I eventually hired not because of how she/he looks but on her innate skills as an individual with equally fine organisational skills.

Some of my colleagues at that time scoffed at the idea of bringing in a transgender into the organisation but if we can hire a gay person, what it is to stop us from hiring a man dressed and living it like a woman? I had proven myself right when this individual rose from the ranks and eventually became a director and right hand person of the owner. Two years ago, I think, she eventually left the company, but not without making her mark in the Public Relations industry.

Anyway, we had a conversation back then. She told me that she found it extremely hard to get a job because of how she looks. I told her no worries. For as long as she dresses the very same way she dressed during the final interview, she is okey. I had her promise never to wear clothes of her previous gender and fight for her right to wear clothes which she believes fit her and looks good on her.

This is what advocates of the SOGI bill is fighting for–not some innate issue like having a separate toilet room. Personally, I don’t agree for government to spend millions of pesos just to construct toilets for transgenders.

The issue on toilets is not about gender identity– it is simply, about utility.

A transgender who already completed the process of transformation does not need a separate toilet for her– she can actually use the women’s toilet for her convenience. She does not need a law to allow her that. She can very well enter a toilet room and do her thing.

Same as say a female transgender who already had the male organ attached to her. If that organ functions very well, he does not need a separate toilet just to pee. He can very well pee in the men’s toilet.

How about those who just appear to express their gender identity but are not completely transformed yet to their preferred sexual orientation? Well, this is not a matter of gender–this is a matter of utility. A male organ can very well pee in a toilet bowl which was constructed without gender considerations. One can just use the toilet bowl in a closed cubicle, period. Why construct a separate toilet?

How about a lesbian who wants to use the men’s toilet? Same answer–a matter of utility. If she wants to pee in a men’s toilet–who’s to prevent her from doing it? She can very well use a toilet bowl in a closed cubicle.

The fact is— a separate utility will even open members of the LGBT community to further attacks. The state does not have any tools to predict what goes on in someone’s minds? By having a separate space, those whose minds are still in the dark ages will now know where to get their fill of cracking open gay men’s and lesbians’ skulls?

So, if these promoters of the SOGI bill think that they are on the right track by using Gretchen Diez as their spokesperson and lead advocate–you are terribly wrong. You just put legislators in a bind and made it extremely hard for them to pass this bill. Who now in his right mind would support a bill which is leading to a fragmentation of public opinion?


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