Greenhills hostage drama ends, suspect subdued and arrested after ‘press conference’, 30 victims rescued


762B75C3-DA6E-4E6C-8FBB-D9E43021620BScreen grab from ABS-CBN news of the arrest of the hostage-taker in Greenhills.  

The Greenhills shopping center hostage-taking drama has ended after nine hours of negotiation with authorities, freeing 30 hostages from the mall and arrest of the suspect.

One victim, a security manager, was shot and injured.

The hostage-taker identified as Alchie Paray was arrested after freeing his hostages and having a “press conference” with the media on Monday evening.

At his media conference after he released the mall employees, Paray, a dismissed and disgruntled security guard,  told the media of the alleged corruption at his agency.

Paray said he was ready to be shot in front of the media.

During the press conference, when Paray’s  guard was down, a policeman lunged at the suspect  before others joined to subdue and arrest the hostage-taker.

Early Monday evening, San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora talked to Paray and convinced him to come out without bringing his gun and hand grenade

People inside the Virra Mall at the Greenhills Shopping Center were sent running for safety on Monday after Paray opened fire at the mall, injuring the security manager.

The security manager was seen being carried by two men onto a wheelchair after he was shot.

The mall was placed on lockdown immediately after the incident.

At least four of the hostages were rescued earlier before the hostage drama ended,  hours after.

A video captured the panicked screams of shoppers and vendors who were rushing to exit the building.

Other videos showed a SWAT Team entering the mall and people clustered outside the mall entrance.

Zamora was later seen entering the building along with other authorities.

Zamora  confirmed that the hostage-taker was a security guard at the mall who was dismissed.

In a statement, the Greenhills Center management said that the hostages were employees of the mall.

The injured security manager was brought to the hospital and is already in stable condition.

Six security officials have apologized to the disgruntled former security guard.

At a news conference put together by police, the officers said they were ready step down from their respective posts if it would end the hostage drama./Stacy Ang




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