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Life Soul is a collection of inspirational stories from varied philosophies, Western and Asian, and from religious beliefs

Exploiting the people’s fear: Resist and Overthrow Tyrants

The most effective weapon of tyrannical governments is fear. Governments use fear to subdue the weak and immobilize the strong. And why do tyrants...

COVID-19 Pandemic: Is this the end of human civilization? What the Bible says

More than a million people have now contracted the novel corona virus. It has infected 190 countries, and more than a billion...

Book Review: Wisdom from the rainforest: A spiritual journey of an Anthropologist”

This is an essay by the author submitted to Dr. Chester Cabalza's anthropology class University of the Philippines, Diliman, QC

The Philippines Today: Of Gods and Crazy Old men

I just woke up this morning with an interesting thought--- how would historians like me portray life in these parts for the...

Duterte’s Friend Quiboloy’s Men Indicted in the US for human trafficking

Several top officials in the United States of self-proclaimed Son of God, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, founder of Kingdom of Jesus Christ church...