BOOK REVIEW: Surrounded By Idiots


By Luchie Aclan Arguelles

Let me ask: “Who hired these idiots?” 

In this Digital Age, communication within the workplace should not be a problem. It could be seamless … or so we assume. 

But, indeed, there are people in workplaces who are innately “uncommunicable” or “untractable”. They are not teamplayers but are assets in terms of creativity that a certain company needs.

Well, this is actually my own discernment based on experience. 

[ This 304-page book, “Surrounded By Idiots” was published in Sweden in 2019 which paperback copy is affordably available at Shopee and Lazada and Amazon. (No, am not paid to advertise and review this.) ]

It could — depending on one’s attitude — help readers put a cap to personal judgment and better understand co-workers and, yes, bosses, too.

Author Thomas Erikson presents a color-coded personality trait matrix — Red as dominant; Blue as analytical; Yellow for inspiring & motivational, and Green for stable — to categorize people around you in the workplace. 

Erikson shows how one could adapt and tailor one’s verbal and non-verbal communications (technique) for best collaborative results. 

After reading this book — that was claimed to be a sweeping bestseller in Sweden — I now ask: Who are the “idiots” who are doing the hiring in the first place?

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