Selling And Closing: The Real Definition

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By Dioscoro Garing, Jr.

Why does the position “salesperson” exist?

Maraming gustong maging salesperson and yet they don’t realize that the what the terminology stands for.  As one of my fellow Sales Trainer remarked:  You are a salesperson and your primary responsibility is to make SALES.

Sa oras na hindi ka maka-“sales”,  yan na ang katapusan ng iyong career bilang salesperson. PERSON ka na lang.

If you cannot CLOSE a sale,  the company will be closed for you.

Oras na para sa career adjustment, ang glamor word for termination.


Art Of Rendering Service

In 1925, E . K. Strong wrote that time the famous book : The Psychology of Selling at noon namang 1957, ipinaliwanag ni Heinz M. Goldmann ang selling ay ang “art of rendering service”.

Samakatuwid, sa sinulat ni Strong, we have to understand that selling is an attitude, an art, a discipline, a way of life.

In 1983, when I bought Tom Hopkins book: “How to Master the Art of Selling”, his definition of closing (a sale) ay: closing is a skill, a strategy, a system of helping people make a decision that is good for them.


A Profession

Sa SALES, any newbie or beginner  — o kahit na yung mga veteran na — sa oras na maintindihan na nila ang definition ng term na ito, I am very sure they will enjoy the profession called Selling.  At the same time, maa-uplift ang kanilang self-image. Selling is a real profession.

One of the reasons why very few people succeed in this career is basically the non-recognition of our government before that vocational lang yan! That’s why we are under TESDA, the former NMYC .


Diploma Course

Luckily, around November last year, during the National Real Estate Association’s 30th anniversary, binanggit ni Dr .Eduardo G. Ong, the first chairman of Philippine Board of Real Estate Services sa ilalim ng Professional Regulation Commission, ang bagong batas na kapapasa pa lamang.

Ang dating “vocational” course ng TESDA ay isa nang diploma course in Sales. Ang mga senior high school graduate ay pwedeng kumuha ng 1-2-year course sa TESDA at ituloy sa NC1 level ng CHED para sa Bachelors Degree.

Sa taong ito, ang Implementing Rules and Regulation ng batas na ito will give a big boost to job creation to many graduates of senior high school.

Sa ganang akin, Personally, this is a dream come true to millions of sales person who need this form of recognition.

KUDOS to the Lower and Upper Houses of Congress for making it as a law.

Better late than never!

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