Daily Covid Cases Spike To 19,000 By August 31 No Cause For Alarm?


Need to romp up booster vaccination as ‘an additional layer of protection’ seen to spare the public from being hospitalized for severe COVID-19 case.

By Fernan Angeles

THE Department of Health had just pressed the red button as the government anticipates 19,000 daily COVID-19 tally by the end of August.

Interestingly, the DOH said there’s no cause for public alarm over the latest projection even as the agency hinted at the need to romp up vaccination for booster shots which experts referred to as “an additional layer of protection” seen to spare the public from being hospitalized for severe COVID-19 case.

In a statement, the DOH took note of the “continuing but slower and more controlled uptrend.”

The DOH insists that the increase in the daily tally of COVID-19 infected persons would only decline provided that local folks are vaccinated with the primary shots plus the booster which enhances the potency of the first and second vaccine doses.

The agency also called on the public to be cautious, refrain from joining crowds and sustain the practice of wearing facemasks.

“If such factors will be adhered to and implemented by ourselves immediately, a decline in cases may be observed sooner,” it said.


Closely Monitoring

Apart from numbers, the health department claims to be closely monitoring hospital utilization rates and admissions in an earnest effort to prevent saturation of medical facilities amid the rapidly reducing number of healthcare workers who have gone abroad for greener pastures.

“While we do consider COVID-19 case numbers in determining an area’s alert level, we would like to emphasize the larger focus we have on admission and hospital utilization rates,” the DOH said.

“With the advances in COVID-19 treatment and the availability of vaccines to combat severe and critical disease, as well as deaths, we now have the capability to reduce the vulnerable population and keep hospital utilization and fatalities to a minimum.”

Latest Data

However, the UP-based OCTA Research believes otherwise.

According to them, the latest data in densely populated provinces showed an alarming healthcare utilization rate (HCUR) for COVID-19. Octa particularly hinted at Bohol and Iloilo where HCUR exceeded the 50 percent threshold, recording 57.7 percent and 52.4 percent, respectively, on Sunday, July 24.

As for Metro Manila, HCUR remains below the 50 percent threshold but Octa took note of its increase to 31.7 percent as compared to 30.7 percent recorded in the previous week. Intensive Care Units in the region were pegged at 27 percent occupancy.

As this developed, no less than President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said in his first State of the Nation Address that the government would roll out another mass vaccination for booster shots.

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