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126 Pasada Partylist gains ground

Pasada partylist (no. 126 sa balota) has now gotten thousands of supports from ordinary transport workers, commuters and several politicians throughout the country. In Quezon...

Deconstruction of Marcosian discourse may tilt the clods in favor of Robredo

The key to defeating the forces of darkness this coming May elections is for the deconstruction of discourses occurring within hegemonic spheres. Three differing...
OFW Party

OFW Partylist Marissa Del Mar tutulong magkabahay ang mga OFW Families

Libo-libong mga kababayan natin ang sumalubong sa OFW Partylist (no. 49) sa pamumuno ni Marissa del Mar noong Abril 5 sa Barangay Mayamot, Antipolo...
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