12 people in Bontoc infected with new Covid variant


The new variant of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) has infected at least 12 people in a town in Mountain Province.


In its official Facebook page, the Bontoc local government unit (LGU) said that 12 of the 35 Covid-19 specimens taken from patients with active cases was confirmed to be the more infectious variant, which is said to have originated from the United Kingdom.


“Twelve out of 35 specimens from Covid-19 positive cases in this capital town have been confirmed to be of the UK variant,” the local government said.


“The Bontoc LGU urges everyone to intensify adherence to basic health protocols. Lockdown is still in effect.  Rest assured that the LGU is doing its best to help deter further spread,” it said.

“We will update you as soon as possible as to intensified measures that the MIATF would be undertaking. Official statements and updates shall be released by DOH (Department of Health), PLGU (provincial LGU) and MLGU (municipal LGU),” it added.


With the 12 cases of the new Covid-19 variant in Bontoc, the country now has a total of 26 cases. The first 14 cases of the Covid-19 variant were first detected in Quezon City. CURRENTPH

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