Former Navy commodore Rex Robles of RAM passes away


Rex Robles

Rex Robles, the former Navy commodore who once led the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM) and who became part of President Rodrigo Duterte’s panel to draft a federal constitution, passed away on Sunday.

His wife Marilyn said Robles died of cardiac arrest at 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

Robles was 75.

Robles was among the military men who plotted a coup against then-President Corazon Aquino.

But, he later apologized to Aquino.

Robles was also part of the Feliciano Commission, a fact-finding panel that investigated the Oakwood Mutiny of 2003.

Duterte, in 2018,  appointed Robles to be part of a panel tasked to review the 1987 Constitution and propose revisions for a federal charter.

“Great man. May God bless his soul,” retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno, the head of the constitutional review panel, said of Robles./Stacy Ang



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