Senator Angara again tests positive for COVID-19



Senator Sonny Angara on Saturday revealed that he had tested positive again for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Angara’s doctors made him take another swab test following the result of an initial antibody test, when he was about to donate blood plasma for the second time after recovering from COVID-19.

“It has been close to one month since I recovered from COVID-19. But while preparing to donate my blood plasma for a second time, my doctors, after the results of the initial antibody test taken before donating, had me take another swab test, which registered positive,” Angara in a post on Facebook.

Angara said his wife Tootsy tested negative.

Angara confirmed in March that he was hospitalized for COVID-19.

On April 6, he said he had been discharged from the hospital after testing negative for COVID-19.

On April 13, Angara shared that he had donated blood plasma which would be used to treat a COVID-19 patient in critical condition.

“My wife Tootsy has tested negative, which could be proof of what my doctors are positing that I am probably no longer infectious and that this latest positive result is probably picking up remnants of the virus,” Angara said.

Still, he said he would not attend Senate sessions for now and he and his household will quarantine themselves.

“Nothing is 100% sure at this point so it is best to be prudent and cautious and thus it is best that I not attend Senate sessions in person for the risk posed to others. And we will follow the usual quarantine procedures for myself and members of my household as a precaution,” Angara added.

Angara will be in isolation again.

“It was hard being isolated from my family before when I tested positive. I felt so much joy and happiness when I was cleared and was able to kiss and hug them again. Now I’m back in isolation. I am hopeful that soon our lives will return to normal,” he added.

“I will continue to stay at home for now but I will participate in Senate proceedings through teleconferencing which the Senate may allow starting Monday after an amendment to our Rules. Rest assured that I will continue working from home like many of our countrymen and performing my duties as senator to the best of my ability,” he said.

Angara likewise thanked the frontliners especially health care workers for their service during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“Once again I wish to thank all our frontliners, especially the healthcare workers. To our kababayans, let us continue to observe quarantine rules and continue taking precautions like safe distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks, if necessary. Thank you and continued prayers for everyone’s well-being. As I’ve said before, with hope, sacrifice, and unity of effort we will overcome this crisis,” he said./Stacy Ang

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