Bullies should be put in their proper places soon


When I was a teenager, I had a fight with a boy taller than me. He was a bully, always badgering me with his human stick which he said, was more formidable than mine. At one point, I finally snapped and fought him at the first opportunity to do so. I not only plummeled him to the ground– I went a step further and destroyed his shorts. The whole community saw his stick which was similar to what my 5 year old cousin secretly hid in his pants. Everyone laughed.

I read somewhere that bullies are insecure bastards who try to hide their incompetence and weaknesses by challenging those whom they think as rivals. In my nearly half a century of experience, this is pretty much the truth with bullies I encountered and defeated in the past. Bullies are all bluster, nothing more.

I am writing this because I want to know if Mr. Rodrigo Roa Duterte who often bullies people, is similar to the bully who got beaten by me to a pulp. I want to understand why Mr. Duterte acts this way, as if he thinks people still question his authority and power as this country’s Chief Executive.

As if always, Duterte postures himself as a toughie, threatening people of harm, of punishing them, if people do not follow him. Of course, people would follow you Mr. Duterte, probably not because they respect you personally as Mr. Duterte, but because you hold the Office of the President.

I dare you, bully and curse someone after your term as President. We will truly know if you really are respected or feared.

From the very start of his administration, we often hear Mr. Duterte complaining of this and that, of the political system being fucked up and of the difficulty of fighting the scourge of drugs. He even complained of the humongous traffic jams which he thinks can be solved only thru the grant of emergency powers.

Emergency powers are constitutional shortcuts. The grant of one to a President does not really assure that the issue or crisis which a country faces would face a definitive solution. Give emergency powers to an incompetent, lazy and stupid leader, and instead of results we will just see his close associates smiling themselves and hauling bags of monies to the bank.

How would you trust this president of emergency powers when the mess he left in Marami remains? He placed Mindanao under martial law and did it really neutralize the terrorists there? No. Large groups called local terrorists groups continue to train and strengthen themselves there. Bombs are going off there, most of them unreported by a pliant media.

Duterte failed to even implement the proper quarantine thru those checkpoints, and here we are discussing a thing which we already heard of eversince this man ascended the rungs of power.

Duterte promised so many things and point to me at least one which he successfully solved? Nothing. What legacy are you talking about Mr. Duterte? The legacy of incompetence and of bullying, of putting this country to shame and humiliation before the international community? What? Can you give me one rational reason why we, Historians, would write kindly of you?

Bullies must be put in their proper places. They must be stopped. They should never be allowed to use weapons only fit for use by competent individuals.

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