Philippine National Police (PNP) General Archie Gamboa is now safely recuperating from trauma after his chopper crashed in San Pedro Laguna early this morning.

PNP spokesperson Bernard Banac says Gamboa, along with seven other top PNP officials, are safe and under medical supervision. Most sustained minor injuries in their persons when the chopped crashed in a compound after its rotor wings caught the electric wires.

Among those injured, include Major General Jovic Ramos, the PNP comptroller, Major General Mariel Magaway, PNP intelligence chief, PNP Banac, Gamboa’s aide-de-camp Captain Kevin Gayramara, pilot Lieutenant Colonel Ruel Zalatar, co-pilot Lieutenant Colonel Rico Makawili and Master Sergeant Louie Estona.

Gamboa is supposed to attend a CALABARZON command conference when the PNP chief decided to inspect the new vehicle impound of the PNP highway patrol group.

When the helicopter took off, it created a swirl of dust which affected visibility. Eventually, the chopper got caught in a power line which forced it to crash. A witness said, the chopper was just 30 feet above ground when the incident happened.

Gamboa was rushed to the Westlake Medical Center in San Pedro, Laguna while the others were brought to Southwoods Hospital. Eventually, Gamboa was transferred to St. Lukes Hospital in Taguig Global City.

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