Iran-US conflict Trump’s version of wag the dog?


Is this Iran-US conflict Trump’s version of wag the dog? Seems like it.

However, someone should caution the former reality star turned President that this is no movie. This is real life. Trump is dealing with the lives of millions here, and one false decision could entirely re-write and reconfigure the state of the world in an instant.

A maestro in propaganda, Trump and his advisers have been wanting for an issue to hide the possible effects of the impeachment trials on the president’s re-election bid. Seems like the US House of Representatives made a fast one last year when it passed that bill recommending for the impeachment of Trump. That was hurtful.

Trump has been accused of using his position as president to pressure the Ukrainian president to help him gather damaging information against Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President and potential Democrat presidential bet Joe Biden.

Now, Trump has been writing a flurry of Twitter updates, threatening Iran of “hard and swift” retaliation over the deaths of American soldiers and their contractors. Trump even   upped the ante by promising to bomb 52 historical sites in Iran.

Of course, what happened next is expected— the entire Iranian leadership led millions unto the streets to protest what Trump did in retaliation with the suicide bombings against Americans in Iran— he ordered for the assassination of an Iranian general reportedly the brains behind the terrorist attacks against US citizens.

General Suleiman was killed by Trump’s armed drones. The dead general is now a martyr of what Iran described as a continuing resistance war against the United States. Iran says it will retaliate against US aggression which Trump immediately gave a reaction telling Iran of grave consequences if Iran harms even one US citizen and their allies.

The world immediately experienced an instantaneous impact of the two countries’ saber-rattling. Speculators immediately influenced oil prices, effects of which spilled over other commodities in the exchange market.

Weeks prior to the escalation of this US-Iran conflict, China and Russia entered into a security alliance with Iran, a threatening move according to the West. Countering this, NATO just issued a warning against Iran, urging it to negotiate for a peaceful resolution. Sources say back door channel negotiators have been busy trying to convince the two camps to mend fences. One encouraging issue is the nuclear deal which both the US and Iran recently scuttled.

Maybe Trump does not realize the gravity of his decision to assassinate this general. It appears that Iran is prepared to engage the US in a war which could potentially drag China and Russia. Such a war may disrupt China’s economic growth but it’s non-engagement may be interpreted as weakness which apparently the Communist Party would not want to happen.

I do not think the world is ready for another world war. Yes, the world is ripe for a major armed confrontation but a war similar to what happened seventy plus years ago, may not be within the contemplation of these powers.

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