Do you engage in Tweeting? If you do, Buddy Media discovered in a research that the ideal length of tweets is just 100 characters. After this, people get tired of reading your tweets. That explains why some popular online brands gain some re-tweets because they just tweet things which lengths do not exceed 100 characters.

How about Facebook posts? Again, based on research, an ideal FB update post is even shorter than a Tweet–just 40 characters. And who discovered this? It’s social media researcher Jeff Bullas.

When he measured the engagement of FB posts, those who are 40 and even shorter, gain more likes than those who exceed forty characters. The 40 character group represent the smallest statistical set in the Bullas’ study. Posts double this or 80 characters or fewer get 66% higher engagement.

Shorter FB posts are best, since people have very short attention spans. How about Google headlines? Studies show these should be less than 60 characters. If you can’t help it, write a very interesting first sentence.

Headlines in posts must only be six (6) words. For blog posts, maximum size is 1,600 words or about seven (7) minutes. 94% of people read posts under six minutes long which is far better than those of 3 minutes which gets only 74% of readers.

The ideal width of a paragraph is 40-55 characters.

When presenting, TED creators say its only 18 minutes or a minimum of 10 mins. This is how long the attention span of people are. When we sit in for a new class, we process new information thru stimuli. Our brain processes these, resulting in a huge use of glucose, oxygen and blood flow as brain neutrons fire and burn energy. This loss of energy leads to fatigue.

The ideal length of a title tag is 55 characters. Exceed this, and your title tag will get truncated with an ellipse. How about title of websites? Studies again show it should be 8 characters because it is easy to remember short terms, easier to spell, descriptive, no hypenhs and has a .com extension.



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