The dangers of eating too much restaurant food


Eating out is one of the most frequent activities by Asians, especially Filipinos. Visit cities in Metro Manila, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. There are probably more than a million eating establishments in the entire country, serving food from traditional Filipino food to Italian, Western, Chinese, Korean and Japanese, even Vietnamese and in some instances, Central Asian and Middle Eastern. I haven’t seen a restaurant serving African cuisine, but it is probably due to me having no time going around.

Anyway, scientists and food researchers gave an admonishment for people who always eat out. More than 65% of people who eat out suffer from diarrhoea or some form of it. Some actually suffer from other gastrointestinal problems.

Make sure that the restaurant where you get your meals are practising sanitary or are at least in conformity with standard government regulations in terms of handling food and of course, on food equipment especially eating utensils. This avoids the possibility of passing dangerous pathogens, viruses and bacteria.


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