10 Tips and Insights About Productivity, Happiness, and Life


Here are the 10 tops and insights about productivity, happiness and life:

  1. When you do something, make it right and the best that you can make at the moment. You don’t want to waste your time, right? So, the first time you do something, do it right already, so that you will not spend another minute doing the same thing all over again.
  2. Be happy with what you accomplished. IF YOU THINK THAT YOUR BEST IS NOT ENOUGH, then, be contented with the thought that you tried your best. That is enough.
  3. What you can do today, do and complete it now instead of telling yourself that you still have the ‘morrow to do it.
  4. Before you act, think. Will it benefit me, my family and the ones surrounding me? Will it lead to the destruction of another person?
  5. Life behaves like a string. What happens when you overstretch a string? Sometimes, it breaks. Life is like that. Anything of excess is simply bad.
  6. Everything you need is already within your reach. You just simply have to secure them for your purposes.
  7. Read every day. Indulge in the practice of reading books. Read whatever you can secure.
  8. Listen and listen attentively. Listening is a must trait for those who want to succeed in life.
  9. Inhale deeply when under stress. When you are facing a stressful situation, pause and inhale deeply for a few seconds. Then exhale. Do not do some rash action when you are stressed or angry.
  10. Learn as you journey thru life.



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